Welcome to my site! I decided that two days after the famous and supposed “2012 Mayan Apocalypse” turned out to be (surprise, surprise!) a bust, that I wanted to write a poem every day from now until.. well.. who knows when. But whether or not they are good, they will be posted. I hope you enjoy yourself and thank you for taking the time to look! Just scroll down and choose a month to start reading.


About me? I am a bit eccentric. I have many interests and struggle choosing just one. The only things I have ever done consistently are playing the flute and writing. I also play the electric bass and piano, do wushu (a type of martial arts), do photography and play badminton. In the past I have also played soccer, done kung fu (another type of martial arts), played the ocarina, sung, and done tap, ballet and jazz. What’s my next goal? Just have to see!

If you need to contact me, go ahead and do so at alyssa.mckinney14@gmail.com


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